School Gardens

The Somerville School Gardens co-managed by the Somerville Farm to School Project and Groundwork Somerville. Community volunteers, teachers, parents, and students assist with maintenance and participate in programming.

Dr. Albert F. Argenziano School Garden (garden use schedule)

Size: 444 square ft

Best thing about the garden: built into the school, south facing, water connection, visibility

Plants: Veggies on one side, herbs and flowers on other

Maintenance: Educator visits from Groundwork, summer maintenance by Groundwork Somerville Green Team and 2nd grade teacher, Jill Toce

How the garden is used: Urban Ag production for mobile market, outdoor classroom: new interest from 2nd grade teachers being fostered by Groundwork Somerville

Benjamin Brown School Garden (garden use calendar)

A field of yummy mesclun at the Brown School!
Size: 120 square feet (3 large beds)

Best thing about the garden: It's visible from the street and school, brand new beds and a great water connection.

Plants: vegetables of all types - tomatoes, carrots, peas, beans and more!

Maintenance: Parent volunteer Shawn Szturma, Somerville Farm to School Project, and additional Brown School families throughout the summer

How is the garden used: outdoor classroom for students from the Brown School and mobile market production, when produce is available

East Somerville Community School (garden use calendar)

ESCS garden courtyard

Size: 896 square feet of growing space

Best thing about the garden: Size, visibility in the school

Plants: Berries, garlic, tulips, daffodils, herbs, all kinds of vegetables

Maintenance: Weekly visits by Groundwork Somerville Green Team and Middle School Garden Crew

How is it used: Teachers and students helped to plant the garden, teachers participated in professional development days to learn how use the garden as an outdoor classroom, produce sold at Somerville Mobile Market

Arthur D. Healey School (garden use calendar)

Greens harvest at the Healey Garden
Size: 800 square feet (total area), plus additional raised beds outside of garden

Best thing about the garden: size, longevity, diversity, amphitheater, large storage shed

Plants: veggies, perennial flowers, herbs, raspberry, rhubarb, garlic

Maintenance: Community and parent volunteer support; Groundwork Somerville Educator visits, Green Team visits throughout the summer and into fall.

How is it used: Used by afterschool program, 3rd grade spring curriculum, seasonal lunchtime recess open garden days/activities; Pre-K through Grade 2 Classroom Explorations and Activities; Outdoor Classroom and Outdoor meeting space; Groundwork Somerville Green Team for Somerville's Mobile Market

John F. Kennedy School (link to blog post)
Watering the garden
Size: 72 square feet

Best thing about the garden: most unusually spaced, integrated with playground, raised above play area

Plants: peas, plant part beds, flowers

Maintenance: Weekly by Kennedy parent volunteers, Somerville Farm to School Project

How is it used: Kindergarten and 5th grade classes, Kennedy school families led by Emily Leadholm

Next Wave and Full Circle Alternative Schools

Size: 110 square feet (growing space only)

Best thing about the garden: Visibility, dedicated area, adjacent to new indoor hydroponic system

Plants: herbs, some veggies

Maintenance: Weekly educator visit, Summer maintenance by Green Team for Urban Ag

How is it used: Urban Ag production for mobile market, transitioning to increased use by Full Circle/Next Wave schools.

Somerville High School 

Somerville High School Garden is planted, maintained and harvested by the High School's Green Club.

West Somerville Community School

Approximate size: 196 square feet (growing space only)

Best thing about the garden: Visibility from sidewalk, long-term volunteers, water access

Plants: mostly vegetables, herbs, some flowers

Maintenance: An active community group through the summer, with assistance from Groundwork Somerville's Green Team

How is it used: The Groundwork Somerville Green Team used the garden produce for Somerville's Mobile Market. Community volunteers maintain and harvest from the garden.

Winter Hill Community Innovation School (link to blog post)
Red zinnias in the upper tot lot garden

Size: 128 square feet (growing space only)

Best thing about the garden: visibility, integrated with play spaces

Plants: Veggies, flowers, herbs

Maintenance: Somerville Farm to School Project, Somerville Food and Nutrition Services
How is it used: PreSchool, 2nd and 3rd grade lessons led by Somerville Farm to School Project

If you have questions about a specific garden please email Karyn Novakowski, Farm to School Project Director, ( so that we can put you in touch with the right people!

Photos and content provided by Karyn Novakowski, Somerville Farm to School Director, Groundwork Somerville, and garden volunteers

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