Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How do we get kids to eat their leafy greens? Try these 2 recipes...

For this year's National Nutrition Month, we are "Going Further with Food!" It's an assumption that getting our kids to eat their leafy greens is always a colossal battle. It's true--salads aren't easy to convince a kid to try when they're staring at something that resembles rabbit food. But by assuming they won't try it means you've already given up, and that's not what we're about here at the Somerville Farm to School Project! So how do we make salads desirable?

For one, we can provide a space for children to grow their own food, to learn the parts of a plant, and to nurture something from seed to harvest. We've learned that, "if they grow it, they'll eat it". It's empowering to be hands-on with food! Even if you don't have outdoor garden space, leafy greens are easy to grow indoors or in small pots as long as you have a sunny window or space.

Secondly, you can involve kids in the kitchen by making fun salad dressings! All you need are a few ingredients, a mason jar, and measuring spoons. Here are two recipes we've found to be extra delicious!

Lastly, maybe salads just aren't in the picture right now. There are plenty of other ways to sneak leafy greens into the diet. You can add to pastas, calzones, soups, and smoothies too!

What other tricks of the trade get your kids to eat their leafy greens?

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