Friday, June 23, 2017

Spring Review: It Takes a Village

It's been a weather roller coaster this year! We've had hot days then cold days, rainy then dry--all proving a challenge for our plantings. Even so, over the past couple of weeks many of the schools were able to harvest and eat fresh veggies right from their gardens! Groundwork Somerville hosted "Salad Days" at Argenziano and East, while parent volunteers at Brown hosted an end of the year Harvest Party with a variety of leafy greens!
Meanwhile, the Farm to School Project worked with elementary schoolers at Brown, Winter Hill, and Kennedy School to start their gardens. 5th Graders at Kennedy learned how to use basic permaculture principals to plan a garden, and explored ways we can improve and replenish soil.
2nd graders became experts in cherry tomato varieties thanks to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds who generously donated over 75 different seeds!! 1st graders continued their study of "Sylvia's Spinach" by learning how to plant spinach seeds, and watch them grow into a tasty, healthy snack, just like the character in the book!

Naturally, as the school year concludes, we reflect on the different groups that make Farm to School possible. As mentioned above, without Groundwork Somerville and parent volunteers, the number of students we are able to reach with garden & food literacy education would not be so high! Of course, a big thank you to the Food Service staff who served many delicious meals over the year that featured local, fresh ingredients, as well as displayed a beautiful salad bar every day using Drumlin Farms produce. 

We also say goodbye to our founding director who will be moving on to new experiences in Charlottesville, VA--look at C'ville--you're receiving a true gem in Karyn!! We cannot imagine the project without her, but look forward to finishing the grant strong with initiating new projects, as well as wrapping up original objectives! THANK YOU KARYN FOR YOUR CREATIVITY, VISION, AND PASSION!! GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOUR NEW VENTURES!!

Karyn demonstrates Sugar Snap Pea planting with Kindergartners, 2016
Spinach Taste Test at Early Childhood Block Party
Turkey Taco with Veggie of the Month: Green Beans

Turkey Teriyaki with Veggie of the Month: Green Beans

Leafy Greens Galore at Brown School!

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