Monday, October 27, 2014

A Tale of Two Apples: Winter Hill Community Innovation School

We are still celebrating Food Day and National Farm to School Month!

Today we held an apple taste test at the Winter Hill Community Innovation School. Students tried the ubiquitous Gala apple alongside the rare Macoun variety.

Students took varied approaches to choosing their favorites. Some chomped on small bites of each apple and thought carefully about their selection. For some it was a tough decision. "Both of them are amazing," said 6th grader Luiz. Other students knew their favorites immediately, yelling out "Definitely this one!" pointing to the Gala. Principal Chad Mazza let his favorite be known by voting for the Macoun.

Vote for your favorite!

It was a very tight race, but in the end the Gala inched out the Macoun for the win!

It was clear that the students enjoyed tasting both apples. As a 3rd grader named Luis told us, "These apples are soooo yummy!!"

Content provided by Karyn Novakowski, Somerville Farm to School Project Director

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