Friday, September 5, 2014

Farm to School Link Roundup

Sometimes you need a little Farm to School inspiration from around web! So take a break from your busy day and enjoy these interesting articles, videos or photos!

Salmon tamales for school lunch? They are doing it in Alaska, where local can also mean wild. Read about how they are making the best of their short growing season.

Enjoy this article in the NYT about Sam Kass, "blazing a trail of cruciferous vegetables into the first lady’s heart."

Five high schools within the Bayfield Peninsula area of Wisconsin receive high tunnels as part of a USDA Farm to School Grant, awarded to Bayfield Regional Food Producers Cooperative. Read the full story here.

"Fresh, healthy meals are good for students, good for learning, good for the environment, and often good for school finances." Check out Making the Case for Healthier School Meals from the Center for Ecoliteracy for more information.

Image via Center for Ecoliteracy

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