Monday, July 28, 2014

A year in review, SY2013-2014

At the end of the school year, Lauren Mancini, Director of SPS Food and Nutrition services was asked to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and examine the Food and Nutrition Service Department’s  efforts to support the schools work in feeding students healthy meals each and every day. 

"This review serves as a critical reminder that we have many achievements to celebrate, which in turn gives us the energy and momentum to keep moving forward," Lauren said. "In just a few minutes of reflection I tallied up several successes worthy of applause. "

In September, we launched our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program at 3 of our schools.  

In October, we held our annual Corn Shucking & Food Service Staff Appreciation Day.

During the winter months, we were awarded a Farm to School Grant through the USDA and we introduced our Farm to School Project Director, Karyn Novakowski. This has allowed us the opportunity to expand our farm to school efforts.  

During the spring months, we sowed seeds and planted seedlings in the school garden, did taste tests in the cafeteria (one being a Kale Chips taste test at the WHCIS which went over very well!) and classroom, and did more Nutrition Education with the students.

In May, we discontinued the use of Styrofoam products. We opened salad bars at the Kennedy and ESCS.  We also had a visit from Kevin Concannon, Under Secretary from USDA.  

WOW!  What a year and that does not even cover everything! 

Lauren also sends a special note to her staff.  "I want to specifically thank my dedicated school nutrition staff that I must credit for their service. Please know that I value what each of you do every day and I am proud to work with such an amazing staff who make all these great things happen! I look forward to next school year."

Content provided by Lauren Mancini, Somerville Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services Director

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